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Welcome to Label Pro RH

Tertiary Education and Economical actors, primary Human ressources manager and recruitins agents, will need to have clear criterias and tools to evaluate level of qualifications, diplomas, at national, as well as at European levels.  LABEL Pro RH was designed for support Human Resources Training Institute.

Using Professional Repositories collected from the field with FMRH (Fédération Méditerranéenne des Ressources Humaines) as key coordinator in coordination with local professional associations, the LABEL PRO RH was developed through European EQF/ECVET frameworks and tested in 5 countries (France, Portugal, Spain, Italy and Turkey) in 2011.

LABEL PRO RH is now Ready. In 2012, the First Labellisations will be done. If you want to be one of the first.

3rd annual ECVET forum

ECVET ForumTaking the Next Step: Building the ECVET Community of Practice
The 3rd annual ECVET forum (31 May/ 01 June) has been one of the major 2012 events dedicated to the development of ECVET in Europe.

DOWNLOAD THIS FILE (ecvetmag_forum_en_131212.pdf)ecvetmag_forum_en_131212.pdf[ECVET Magazine December 2012 - dedicated to the results of the 3rd ECVET Forum]2706 Kb23/12/12 09

LABEL Pro RH Final Session + FMRH Board

Porto, 9 -10th November 2011,  APG Symposium organised its annual symposium. More than 200 professionals participated to various sessions on Human Resources Management Issues in Portugal. The LABEL Pro RH project team was invited to presented the final project results  to collect portugues professionals opinioon.

PORTO_ImageGroupe_LightFMRH Board,  planned on its half session on Nov 11th, to discuss conclusion on LABEL Pro RH project with the coordinator. This session was also successful. FMRH Board accepted to support the future of the Label and a Label Pro RH Working Group was created for organise the next steps in 2012. First working session in Dec 8th; 2011.

Final Evaluation by Italian Practionners


Final Step of LABEL Pro RH Project is started. Since August, each country started its evaluation process of Project Results in term of Labelllisation Process, Criterias and Methods.

For Italy, DITEA and AIDP organise a Seminar :

Occupazione, Risorse Umane e Qualifiche Professionali
L’esperienza Europea del Progetto Label Pro HR

28th October 2011 at DITEA University in Genova at 4.30 pm.

The aims is to enhence a debate on the Future of Qualification versus the Evolution and the Internationalisation of Labour Markets and to evaluate the relevancy of the LABEL Pro RH Project results with practitionners.

DOWNLOAD THIS FILE (IT_seminario LABEL_ENG_20111028.pdf)IT_seminario LABEL_ENG_20111028.pdf[Seminar Genova 28th October 2011 - Agenda in English]66 Kb17/10/11 20
DOWNLOAD THIS FILE (LabelPRO_28ottobre_def.pdf)LabelPRO_28ottobre_def.pdf[Seminar Genova 28th October 2011 - Leaflet ]2030 Kb17/10/11 20

2012 IACMR Conference

The International Association for Chinese Management Research will organise its 5th biennal International Conference on June 20th to 24th, 2012, in Hong-Kong.

20LOGO_IACMR-HongKong_copier12 IACMR ConferenceESADE_FutureOfWorkfChair
June 20-24, 2012, Hong Kong, China

Building Ethical and Sustainable Organizations in China

CALL FOR PAPER SUBMISSION DEADLINE: Midnight October 15, 2011, U.S. Eastern Standard Time

for more details, see:

Learn more about European vocational education and training systems


Understanding national VET systems - their features, history and priorities – helps us to better coordinate European policies. But they can also serve as a source of inspiration for people working in the field across Europe. If you are involved in VET-related activities, you will find plenty of information - organised by country, theme and comparative analysis – in the national reports, a product of the VET in Europe Project.


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You can reach all team member though section Label Pro RH Partners section. You will find description of their own organisation and their added value in the project.
For particular informations about the project,  (ongoing process, deadlines, events, deliverables, ....), you may reach the Project Coordinator (ESCEM see on the right side).

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